Make It Fair To Share In San Francisco

Dear Supervisors and Planning Commissioners:

Today, San Franciscans share their homes for different reasons - to pay the bills and afford to stay in the city, return to school or pursue their dreams. Some just love to get to see the world without ever leaving home.  We all believe San Franciscans should be able share this great city with travelers from around the world.

In the past year alone, nearly 180,000 visitors stayed with home sharers in San Francisco. On average, home sharers in San Francisco earn $4,000 per year by welcoming these guests into their homes — a modest, but significant amount that can make a huge difference for families. And more than 80 percent of home sharers’ listings are outside the traditional tourist areas, which means travelers support local businesses in diverse neighborhoods throughout the city and bring huge economic benefits to San Francisco, particularly neighborhoods less visited by hotel guests. The bottom line is clear: home sharing is good for San Franciscans, it’s good for travelers, and it’s good for the city.

We know that some people have concerns about home sharing and we strongly support fair, progressive rules for home sharers, including tax laws that are clear and easy to follow. Unfortunately, the laws governing home sharing today are outdated. It’s time for new, fair laws that enable San Franciscans to share the home in which they live. Specifically, we need new rules that:

  • Enable families in both houses and apartments to share the home in which they live.

  • Include sensible enforcement measures and don’t require hosts to register their personal information with a public government database or navigate a confusing and expensive bureaucratic process.

  • Are enforced fairly, without a scheme that encourages neighbors to turn each other in for personal gain.

San Francisco is one of the greatest cities in the world, and we want to share it with travelers and make it more affordable for everyone lucky enough to call this city home. Please work with us and enact legislation that makes it fair to share in San Francisco.

Thank you.

Peter, Home Sharers of San Francisco


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Please enact legislation that makes it fair to share in San Francisco.